What We Believe

Simpson United Methodist Church follows in the theological tradition that descends from John Wesley.  Some of the most important ideas that shape our beliefs include:

The grace of God.  The defining characteristic of God is an active love that reaches out to us before we are even aware of it.  Although we are all called to respond to that grace in our own way with our own gifts.  We believe it is God’s spirit that empowers all that we have and all that we do.

The inclusion of all.  Jesus’ practice was radical hospitality.  We therefore believe that no one is outside the grace of God.  One expression of this is our open communion table where all people are welcome regardless of age, race, gender, denominational affiliation or sexual identity.

The practice of faith.  Salvation is not simply a one time experience.  It is a process of growth.  Our goal is to become people who love God and neighbor.  We follow the Spirit as we learn to become more like Christ in everything we do.

The importance of balance.  Methodism is sometimes called a “both/and church.”  We tend not to elevate one aspect of life at the expense of another, but we seek to bring them into dialogue.  We talk about faith and works, body and spirit, peace and justice, personal holiness and social holiness.  To understanding our calling as disciples of Christ we use scripture, tradition, reason and experience.

The transformation of the world.  Jesus came to proclaim the kingdom of God.  He demonstrated the ways of that kingdom by offering food, healing and forgiveness to all. We likewise seek to live as Christ did by reaching out to those in need through projects reaching out to those facing hunger, disaster and disease, as well as offering hope to those who hunger in spirit for new meaning in their lives.

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