Mission and Vision

Our Mission: To be a people who celebrate God’s love, seek to live as Christ’s disciples, and share Christ with the world.

Our Vision: Simpson United Methodist Church
–is an open and inclusive place where all people are accepted and shown unconditional love.
–has diverse and rich programs which provide educational stimulation for people of all ages and connect people with each other and God.
–is a place of hospitality, inclusion and acceptance where people from diverse backgrounds, life styles, races and classes are welcomed and respected; where there is a sensitivity to the needs of all; and where all can experience a sense of belonging.
–has exciting, diverse and spirit filled worship involving the time and talents of all.
–is involved in social outreach activities putting love into action.
–is a community of effective stewards, giving back to God to make things happen and to fulfill God’s mission in this place.
–is a community on a journey with God, a community of faith on a journey of spiritual openness and growth.

We welcome you to become a part of the Simpson United Methodist Church family.